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  • These engaging and beautifully illustrated 12-page story books incorporate the skills, rules and sight words taught in Level Two of the ReadBright program. Each book features a specific phonics skill and group of sight words that have been taught together in Book Two of the ReadBright Workbooks. The thirteen readers in Level Two target Magic e words and Walking Talking Vowels (vowel teams). The readers are specifically formulated to contain only words and skills that the students have already mastered. The skills in the readers are cumulative, providing students with a constant review of previously learned words and phonetic concepts. Comprehension questions are included at the end of every story to assess students’ understanding. Drills at the back of each reader review the phonics skill and sight words of that book. The fun, engaging style of the books, along with the methodical step-by-step system, enable students to fully integrate and master the reading process. As a delightful, exciting introduction to reading, these decodable readers develop and enhance students’ reading confidence and ability.

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  • These double-sided flashcards include the sight words that are introduced in Book Two of the ReadBright program. The flashcards in these keyring booklets are divided into two sets. The first set consists of sight words, (words that cannot be sounded out). The second set includes high-frequency words, (words that appear frequently in reading). Perfect for both instruction and review, the flashcards help students master these types of words quickly and easily. available for classroom teachers on teacher printable CD
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  • This workbook presents Magic e words (CVCE words) and words with Walking Talking Vowels (vowel teams), and is comprised of three sections: Phonics Rules, Sight Words, and Special Rules. Activity pages and reading exercises are included in each section, along with reading passages that combine the sight words and phonics skill of the week. These passages are more advanced in skill and include repeated reading and poems.

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  • The Level Two Homework Book for the ReadBright Leveled Phonics Program ensures a sufficient review of the critical reading skills that have been acquired in the classroom. The skills covered in this booklet include: magic e word and vowel teams. The Homework Booklet includes: Reading Pages, Fluency Cards, and Homework Activity Sheets that provide practice for both the targeted phonics skills and sight words taught in Level Two of the ReadBright Program. For optimal results from the ReadBright program, practice at home is strongly recommended. Homework gives students the opportunity to maintain and practice the skills learned in school, and it allows you, as a parent, to monitor your child’s progress. Moreover, these colorful, cumulative and entertaining homework pages will make homework time fun! Other Homework Books: homework-book-1homework-book-3
  • This USB is paired with Level 2 of the ReadBright program. It includes audio songs that correspond to the skills taught in Level 2. Preview audio sample:
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  • The Vocabulary Program is a great way to introduce the meaning of unfamiliar, yet necessary words. Vocabulary words are provided for each skill and displayed on eye-catching illustrated cards. Using the ReadBright Mystery Words Program, students seamlessly learn the meaning of words they need to know to enhance comprehension and fluency. The ReadBright Mystery Words Program should be introduced to students with the Mystery Words Detective. The detective uses clues and a dictionary to figure out unknown words. Explain to students that when they come across a word that they do not know, they can either figure out the meaning by using picture clues and context clues or by looking up the word in a dictionary. The Mystery Words program includes both Tier One and Tier Two Vocabulary Words. Tier One vocabulary words are words that can be sounded out. They are referred to as Mystery Words. *Some Tier One words are Multiple Meaning Mystery Words. These cards are coded with a patterned stripe at the top, indicating to students that the word can have more than one meaning. Tier Two vocabulary words cannot be sounded out. They are referred to as Marvelous Mystery Words. Other Vocabulary Cards:
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  • My Reading Fluency Booklet is comprised of beautifully illustrated, colorful, and engaging fluency passages targeting all the phonics skills introduced in Level Two of the ReadBright program. In addition to the phonics skill, each passage includes the sight words that are taught along with that phonics skill. The passages incorporate magic e words and words containing vowel teams. There is one fluency passage per skill. Rereading is the key to fluency. These cards are meant to be reread at least three times each. There is a number at the end of each line indicating how many words are contained in that line. In this way, any students timing themselves will be able to see how many words they were able to read in a minute. Each page has three spots for students to write their score after each reading. This book is integral for those students who are working on their reading fluency or for any student who can use some extra practice with their phonics skills.  
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