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  • This workbook presents Magic e words (CVCE words) and words with Walking Talking Vowels (vowel teams), and is comprised of three sections: Phonics Rules, Sight Words, and Special Rules. Activity pages and reading exercises are included in each section, along with reading passages that combine the sight words and phonics skill of the week. These passages are more advanced in skill and include repeated reading and poems.

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  • These engaging and beautifully illustrated 12-page story books incorporate the skills, rules and sight words taught in Level Two of the ReadBright program. Each book features a specific phonics skill and group of sight words that have been taught together in Book Two of the ReadBright Workbooks. The thirteen readers in Level Two target Magic e words and Walking Talking Vowels (vowel teams). The readers are specifically formulated to contain only words and skills that the students have already mastered. The skills in the readers are cumulative, providing students with a constant review of previously learned words and phonetic concepts. Comprehension questions are included at the end of every story to assess students’ understanding. Drills at the back of each reader review the phonics skill and sight words of that book. The fun, engaging style of the books, along with the methodical step-by-step system, enable students to fully integrate and master the reading process. As a delightful, exciting introduction to reading, these phonetic readers develop and enhance students’ reading confidence and ability.

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  • $150 per class. This set of CDs is paired with Level Two of the ReadBright program. The audio CD includes songs that correspond to the skills taught in Level Two, while the printable CD contains a printable version of the materials for teachers to print out for their classes when using the ReadBright program. Copyright permission for making printouts applies only for the year that teachers are using the entire ReadBright Level One curriculum in their classrooms. Printouts include: schedule, assessments, dictation words, song lyrics, black-and-white take-home readers (for schools that have purchased the phonics readers), homework sight word and phonics flashcards, and other teaching manipulatives. CDs can only be ordered via email or telephone. Preview audio sample:   Other Audio/Printable CDs:

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  • This CD is paired with Level Two of the ReadBright program. The audio CD includes songs that correspond to the skills taught in Level Two.

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  • The Level Two Homework Book for the ReadBright Leveled Phonics Program ensures a sufficient review of the critical reading skills that have been acquired in the classroom. The skills covered in this booklet include: magic e word and vowel teams. The Homework Booklet includes: Reading Pages, Fluency Cards, and Homework Activity Sheets that provide practice for both the targeted phonics skills and sight words taught in Level Two of the ReadBright Program. For optimal results from the ReadBright program, practice at home is strongly recommended. Homework gives students the opportunity to maintain and practice the skills learned in school, and it allows you, as a parent, to monitor your child’s progress. Moreover, these colorful, cumulative and entertaining homework pages will make homework time fun! Other Homework Books: homework-book-1homework-book-3
  • These activity worksheets encourage students to notice phonics rules within words. Students are taught specialized markings to classify each phonics rule. They are then trained to utilize these markings to mark up each part of the word in the correct fashion. This activity empowers students to identify appropriate word attack strategies, and enables them to decode any unfamiliar words they may encounter. These worksheets, which also appear in the ReadBright Phonics Workbooks, are consolidated in the Mark the Word Workbook for a quick review.

  • Pyramid Reading facilitates both reading fluency and accuracy. The pyramids are arranged in a step-by-step layout, and are sequential and phonics-based. The different phonics rules are presented with clear, user-friendly coding, and the accompanying pictures further enhance students’ reading experience. These pyramids, which also appear in the ReadBright Phonics Workbooks, are consolidated in the Pyramid Reading Book for a quick review.

  • Two flashcard sheets are provided for review of every skill presented in the ReadBright program, beginning with short vowel words through More Sounds (vowel combinations). The first sheet of cards focuses on the targeted skill while the second sheet provides a cumulative review of the skills mastered until that point. These cards help students master and retain the decoding skills they have been taught. The cards must be cut out from cardstock sheets.

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  • Sound Cards help students create words and are a fun, hands-on tool for teaching and reinforcing reading and writing skills. The set includes three categories of cards: consonant cards, vowel / vowel combination cards, and chunk cards. Each category is color-coded so that students can easily choose the necessary cards to form a word. Small and easy to manipulate, these cards can be used to develop and improve encoding and decoding skills.