These engaging and beautifully illustrated 12-page story books incorporate the skills, rules and sight words taught in Level Three of the ReadBright program. Each book corresponds with a specific phonics skill and group of sight words that have been taught together in Book Three of the ReadBright Workbooks. The nine readers in Level Three target words that feature the Ruling R (r-controlled vowels) and More Sounds (other vowel combinations). The readers are specifically formulated to contain only words and skills that students have already mastered. The skills in the readers are cumulative, providing students with a constant review of previously learned words and phonetic concepts. Comprehension questions are included at the end of every story to assess students’ understanding. Drills at the back of each reader review the phonics skill and sight words of that book. The fun, engaging style of the books, along with the methodical step-by-step system, enable students to fully integrate and master the reading process. As a delightful, exciting introduction to reading, these decodable readers develop and enhance students’ reading confidence and ability.

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