The ReadBright team is excited to announce the release of our newest pre-reading program for the classroom: a comprehensive Phonological Awareness Kit


Designed to make phonological learning fun and engaging, this kit is packed with kid-friendly classroom activities and manipulatives. Activities and lessons are laid out in a systematic developmental hierarchy and address the following phonological awareness skills:
Rhyming | Compound Words & Word Awareness | Syllable Blending & Segmenting Initial, Medial, Final Sound Awareness | Phoneme Blending & Segmenting


Who Benefits From Our Phonological Awareness Kit:


Kindergarten / Pre-1A: With ReadBright’s engaging, hands-on program, students will quickly master the building blocks they need to become competent and fluent readers as they progress to higher grades.


Older Students: The kit can also be used as an intervention tool for older students who need to strengthen their phonological awareness skills.


Each Kit Includes:
• Multidimensional materials for up to 30 students
• Hands-on classroom activities
• Kid-friendly visuals and manipulatives
• A USB with printable worksheets and assessments
• A user-friendly teacher’s edition with manipulatives, engaging games, and colorful teacher display cards


Designed with teachers in mind, all lessons are written out word-for-word.


ReadBright’s innovative, comprehensive, and systematic new toolkit contains everything you need to engage students on their fun and exciting journey towards phonological success.